Summer No-Bake Cakes

I was stumbling around the internet today trying to find a good cake to bake to expand my baking repertoire and cheer everybody up! Everything looked great, but I was not excited about turning on the oven in this 92 degree weather.

Here's an idea: What about a cake that I don't have to bake? So I continued to search around and it turns out I'm not the only person who had this idea! Here are the recipes that I found for easy, heat-free cakes! Click on the name of any of the cakes and it will send you to the recipe!

"Full of zesty tropical flavor, this creamy freezer cake is made with swirls of raspberry and orange sherbet as well as vanilla ice cream atop a crunchy coconut macaroon crust."

"This no-bake cake spares no indulgences, piled high with six layers of peanut butter cream and chocolate graham crackers, and finished with a sprinkling of peanut butter chips."

"Creamy, refreshing and full of strawberry flavor, this stunning no-bake cheesecake takes just 25 minutes of prep time."

"Sweet and surprisingly guilt-free, this is the ultimate ice cream lover’s cake, made with lowfat chocolate and vanilla ice cream and malted milk balls for the perfect crunch."

"This decadent cheesecake is full of zingy flavor, with crystallized ginger, fresh mango and lime zest, all on top of a spiced gingersnap cookie crust."

"Transform your kids’ favorite crispy marshmallow treats into an elegant after-dinner sensation by topping them with a velvety hazelnut spread and a handful of chopped hazelnuts."

"For a satisfying summer treat, try this cake made with cinnamon graham crackers and creamy berry filling, topped with a dazzling arrangement of fresh raspberries and blueberries."

"Coconut macaroons, toasted almonds and a chocolate shell topping transform this no-fuss chocolate and vanilla Swiss almond ice cream cake into an out-of-this-world creation."

I take no credit for these recipes. I found them on Woman's Day!

Now to clean out the fridge and find room for one of these beautiful summer cakes!

Summertime is Finally Here

That old ballpark, man, is back in gear... Doesn't it just make you want to sing a Kenny Chesney song? No? Well then, I will continue with my post!

So summer has finally arrived. I finished off my first year at Virginia Tech studying to be an elementary school teacher and got to watch my admirable older sister graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in biology. The experience helped me to, once again, put my life into perspective and realize that college is more than partying and socializing, but it is about getting a strong education so you can work to do what you're passionate about and make a difference here on this earth. If I want to be successful in doing so, I need to make a few changes.

During my first year, I lost my way a few times, but during those times of wandering around aimlessly looking for the right path again, I learned what I wanted from myself. I learned what I needed to do to stay on the right path of happiness and self worth. However, those things, such as confidence and a better devotion to friendship, are not something that just click overnight, but they are a things that have to be absorbed, if that makes sense.

This summer is going to be about change or, self-building, if you will. I want to continue to build my relationships with my family and friends, continue to find my faith in His word, devote time to service, read more inspiring and motivational books, and find what makes me truly come alive.