Summertime is Finally Here

That old ballpark, man, is back in gear... Doesn't it just make you want to sing a Kenny Chesney song? No? Well then, I will continue with my post!

So summer has finally arrived. I finished off my first year at Virginia Tech studying to be an elementary school teacher and got to watch my admirable older sister graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in biology. The experience helped me to, once again, put my life into perspective and realize that college is more than partying and socializing, but it is about getting a strong education so you can work to do what you're passionate about and make a difference here on this earth. If I want to be successful in doing so, I need to make a few changes.

During my first year, I lost my way a few times, but during those times of wandering around aimlessly looking for the right path again, I learned what I wanted from myself. I learned what I needed to do to stay on the right path of happiness and self worth. However, those things, such as confidence and a better devotion to friendship, are not something that just click overnight, but they are a things that have to be absorbed, if that makes sense.

This summer is going to be about change or, self-building, if you will. I want to continue to build my relationships with my family and friends, continue to find my faith in His word, devote time to service, read more inspiring and motivational books, and find what makes me truly come alive.

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  1. Elise, congrats on making it through your first year and on to summer! Relax and enjoy it.. all too soon, it will be time to come back. It sounds like this year has been really transformative for you. Just remember that without having made a few mis-steps along the way, you might not ever have learned what you have. While there are things we all wish we could do over, we have to learn to be grateful, even for the mistakes we made. I hope this summer is all you want it to be!