Recently, I've been trying to find a good Bible study plan to help me continue to grow in my faith. After googling about it, however, I found that many of the ones online either cost money or aren't what I'm looking for. My wish was granted, however, when I came across a website called You Version.

You Version is free website, only requiring an email for membership, that allows you to explore several pre-made Bible reading plans. These plans can consist of one days worth of reading to a year long plan. Each plan is broken down into days; giving you one or a few verses each day to read and reflect on. You can keep track of your progress directly on the website. There is even a "catch up button" if you fall behind!

After continuing to explore the website, I found that you can create notes on your readings (choosing to make them public or private) as well as read other people's reflections on passages. You can 'follow' these users and be notified when they post new reflections and you can have followers as well (twitter much).

You can choose the Bible version that you're reading, pull up books on the website and converse with people using the same version as yourself! You can tweet and forward things to Facebook as well!

Let me know if you use YouVersion as well, or if you check it out! 

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