Busy, busy, busy, ouch!

I wanted to post here and apologize for my absence on my blog. I try to recruit readers through a giveaway, and then it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth! Well I'm back and I will be posting more frequently.

Here is my excuse (not that you guys are really upset with me, right?): First of all, I rushed a sorority and was filled up to the tip top of my head with homework and events. The good news, however, is that I got in! I'm officially a member of Gamma Phi Beta!

Secondly, I got injured and have had a slow time recovering. Last week, and outlet in my room shocked me and burned the wall while I was unplugging a lamp. I placed a work order through my residential advisor and an electrician came, looked at it, and cleared if for use. Well, two days later I went to unplug my phone charger and POP! There was a huge flash of light and a buzzing noise, my hand got stuck to the wall, and my bed got completely burned. The rescue squad came and took me to the hospital I got a pretty good electrical burn and a good little execution. I will be okay, but the pain medications and treatment have left me really groggy lately....and I may or may not be a TAD scared to use electronics.

On top of all of that...I've had 6 tests within the last week and a half. Ugh.

Any how, I am back now! I am currently sitting outside of my class and getting ready to go in, but I can't wait to write to you guys and let you know about my Gamma Phi Beta experience so far!

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  1. Hey girl! No worries! I, too, have been a bit off the map lately too! Hope everything gets a little less crazy for you soon! Hope you're doing well!