DIY Magnetic Make-Up Board

Whenever I'm in the mood to do a DIY craft, I think of a magnetic make-up board. I have no idea why. Ever since the day that I came across it on pinterest, I have been stuck to the idea like glue...or a magnet in this case (joke).

So, I finally found the motivation and I made one for myself! I am absolutely in love with my board and my bathroom counter is never cluttered....with make-up anyway!

If you haven't seen them yet, then I'm glad to introduce you to them! Check it out!

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the process, but can hopefully give some tips for those of you planning on taking on this awesome craft project!
  • The first step is finding a frame to use for your magnet board. Instead of buying a new frame, I went to Good Shepherd Alliance (our Christian, non-profit thrift store) and got one for my friend Rachel and I for $2 a piece! Of course, they weren't beautiful, but that means we got to paint them! 
  • Go to Home Depot to get your metal sheet! We got a simple aluminum sheet ($5) and had somebody at the store cut it to size for us!
  • Choose a fabric and spray adhesive it to the metal sheet. After letting it dry for an hour, put it in your frame as if it were a picture! No need to even hot glue it!
  • When buying magnets, make sure you buy strong ones! Keep in mind how much your make-up weighs and how strong you'll need your magnets to be! Then, simply hot glue the magnets to the back of your make-up! I did have some trouble putting glue on my nice make up, but my friend Rachel reminded me that I had committed to this craft, and couldn't turn back. Sorry Laura Mercier!
  • As you can see in the picture above, I also painted a little wooden cup ($0.50 at Michael's) and put magnets on the back to hold all of my make up brushes, mascara, and eye-liners! 
The craft also turned out to be a cute photo-op!

My friend Rachel and I crafting!

Feel free to check out a full tutorial here!

Here are some examples of other designs!

Thanks for stopping in! I can't wait to share more of my DIY projects with you! I have a whole list lined up, so get excited!

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