Thrifty Thursday: Craft Cart

This week, Bryson and I headed over to The Good Shepherd Alliance retail store to donate some furniture and take a look around (which I have been doing a lot of lately). Sometimes when I tell somebody that I went shopping at a thrift store, they give me a puzzled look and I can feel the judgement coming on. However, shopping at our local Good Shepherd Alliance provides emergency shelter to homeless individuals within our county and any items that aren't sold are shipped to Third World countries. Plus, it is an inexpensive way to shop and repurpose household items! I have found some really nice additions to my bedroom and even some DIY craft projects! 

So after browsing around and finding a well-priced couch and love seat for Bryson's apartment at school, I came across what looked like had potential of begin a craft cart! I have no idea if it was meant to be for crafts or if it was an addition to a bathroom as a vanity cart (leaning towards the later because it has what looks like a towel bar on it), but regardless, I was very excited! How much did it cost, do you ask? Only $12.50! Can you believe that?

The cart has a small towel bar, which for now I'm just using to hang some fabric of current projects on, but am brainstorming ideas to make it more use-able. The other side has three small drawers which I put some crafting supplies in. The bottom two shelves are holding future projects!

One of the other sides has open shelving with bars, which is PERFECT for my ribbon and paint (and of course, a paintbrush filled mason jar), and the last side has hanging mesh shelves where I put my sewing patterns, scrapbook paper, and sewing machine instructions!

Before I found this cart, all of my crafting supplies was crammed into a box and got really messy, very fast. At the same time, I don't have a lot of shelving or desk space at school to stay organized. This cart, however, will fit perfectly under my lofted bed at school, is on wheels so can be pulled out easily from under the bed, and can be transported between my dorm and home (instead of having a more permanent craft area in my bedroom.). And what do I love most about it? It was only $12.50!

I plan on doing a craft project (keep an eye out) to spice it up a little with some labels and a pop of color, but for now, I'm obsessed!

Here are some examples of other craft carts out there and their prices!

                                                       White Cart: $29.99, Ikea                                                     DIY Cart: $195, Lowe'sI don't know about you, but I think I got a good bang for my buck!Do you have any great thrift store finds? Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Oh my goodness...I love the craft cart!

    I also love shopping thrift stores. And yes, I get the same looks from people. I just think it's fun to hunt for deals and look for things to bring back to life :)

    1. I feel the EXACT same way! I just bought an adorable antique-ish chair from the same store and can't wait to sand it down and repaint it! That will be another post I guess! Haha!

      It is great to hear from you Katie! Thanks for reading! :]