Celebrating Another Year & A Golf Cake

Today was simply amazing. I slept in late, read my novel on the patio, took the dog for a walk with my boyfriend (Bryson), went grocery shopping with my sister, and then got to celebrate my little brother's birthday! He turned 18 today and let me tell you, I'm still in denial. What could be more exciting than that? Oh wait, today was also his last day of high school classes! That's what. 

Besides being so proud of him for all of his accomplishments and becoming the caring brother that he is today, I am just overwhelmed by how quickly this day came up on us! I just turned twenty, my brother is going to college, and my sister doesn't even live in the house anymore. When did all that happen? It's times like these that I realize how important it is to appreciate and savor every day of our lives. Kenny Chesney was right when he said, "life goes faster than you think, so don't blink."

That is why I absolutely love birthdays at my house! We all get to come together and celebrate another successful year of our life and all the promising ones to come. It was so nice, especially after being away from my family for so long, to get all the siblings (and boyfriends and girlfriends) over to the house, grill some hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck, give gifts, and reminisce on old and sometimes embarrassing memories. 

And of course, you can't forget the best part. The cake. As tradition, the two siblings always make the cake for the third on their birthday. I wanted to share with you the cake that I made for my brother (the avid golf player) this year!

How cool is that? I made his favorite cake (chocolate), covered it with white icing and white m&m's, edged the plate with some green icing, made a cute little flag, and WA-LA! A golfball cake! I am quite proud of myself (sarcasm) and he absolutely loved it!

Overall, I'm just blessed to have such an amazing family to come home to after such a stressful semester and to share the future with.

What do you guys do to celebrate birthdays in your families? I'd love to hear!

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