Bentley and Me

"Dogs leave paw prints on your heart."

Today, as I lounge on the couch with the love of my life, I thought it would be a fun idea to introduce him to my blog. This is Bentley, my one and a half year old golden retriever!

I got Bentley my senior year of high school, and quickly started to visit the special education classroom in my school with him! I worked with an organization, paws4people, to get him certified as an educational assistance dog, and we have absolutely enjoyed every moment of it! We have visited my high school, elementary schools, nursing homes, libraries, and we hope to visit an adult special education center sometime this summer!

Working with Bentley has been such a rewarding experience, not only in the wonderful feeling that I get knowing that I'm making other people's day just a little bit brighter, but by being able to start my life with Bentley. Bentley is not only a therapy dog to other people, but he has been my own therapy dog as well.

Bentley has pushed me to get up when the morning light is too much to look at, he has shown me the better in people that I didn't know existed, he has taken me out on early morning runs to enjoy the quiet sounds of morning, and has brought my family together and given us something to laugh about in hard times.

This post is for you, Bentley, and there will be many more to come.

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